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We manage your software and hardware so that you can focus on manage your business



a 365/24/7 servicedesk in Swedish, English and Polish with the capability of being 1-line, 2-line and 3-line.


managing multiple suppliers of services, integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT-organization.


montioring, adressing and mitigating security issues on an organizational and technical level.

Cloud operations and management

running applications and their whole IT-environment in the cloud, on platforms like AWS and Azure.

Application support and management

operating and maintaining customers' business critical applications.


helping with the End-user-Platforms, including services like printing, filing, O365 etc.

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Success stories



Arriva Sweden was running its infrastructure from a co-location site in Denmark supporting over 3900 employees and providing services to 170 million customers every year. The on-premises solution was not stable or flexible enough to meet the business and customers’ needs. Due to the progressing digitalization of the transporation business, they asked Euvic to help them become more competitive in the transportation industry and, at the same time, to build a stable and flexible IT-environment.

Business results

Thanks to the move from the hosted environment to AWS and to the Euvic’s managed end-user-platform, including O365, Arriva achieved not only a more stable environment with fewer service outages, but also happier end users. The company could leverage the new platform and Euvic’s competence to create new platforms for buses and trains, which helped them win new business. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, with their old solution.

Client's comment

Migrating the environment to AWS with Euvic was an easy decision given the breath of service and stability of the AWS platform. The results were as expected and after the migration and together with Euvic we have created a lot of new services which would have been impossible to create on such a short time on the old, hosted platform.

Fredrik Ölund,
Manager Business Development & Digitalization

Success stories



Bufab, fast growing global supply chain partner, needed scalable and non-person dependent IT support. Operating in 37 different countries, it did not have an ITSM-system to handle all the tickets and issues coming in from all over the world. It had a custom built share-point-solution that was not scalable enough to handle the growing business and meet the new business requirements. Moreover, as a slim IT-organization, the company needed to focus its energy on a digital best practice initiative.

Business results

Bufab found Euvic who offered a packaged solution: it set up a new service desk within 3 months from project start and implemented a new ITSM-system, freshservice during the process. The implementation project also included setting up clear SLAs, to enable the users to see what they can expect from the IT-organization. Bufab could finally focus its organizational energy on a digital best practice initiative, creating more value to the business. A clear SLA and predictability helped boost users’ satisfaction as well.

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Uncommon levels of humility, selflessness and transparency.


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Free ice-cream if we have not called you back within 24 hours