About us

Euvic has over 15 years experience as a software-house and service provider and we are proud over our growth from only a handful employees in 2004 to over 1700 in 2018. We provide innovative and effective solutions, building long-term relationships with our customers

How it started

It all began in 2004 when Wojciech Kosinski and Wojciech Wolny Established LGBS Polska, which, with time, was transformed into Euvic. Thanks to our people and culture, we have grown rapidly, gaining recognition among customers in international markets.
Moreover, thanks to our customers staying with us and referring us to other potential customers we did not even have a marketing department until last year! Putting it in numbers, Euvic has grown organically to over 1000 employees and by buying stakes or shares in a dozen or so other technology companies Euvic group now employs over 1700 people!


We enable innovation by combining our understanding of the latest technology with our customers understanding of their business processes and their business challenges. We have developed everything from big, complex BI-solutions to better harvest and understand data, to clean IOS apps and matching algorithms for recruitment companies. At the center of our offer is willingness to listen to our customers and understand their challenges. Without understanding our customers fully, we cannot deliver a fully successful project.


Great teamwork

Our people are at the heart of our success. We are transparent and listen emphatically. By listening to understand, rather than to reply and taking full responsibility for our work we create trust which is essential for delivering successful projects to our customers. And don’t take our word for it – talk to our customers who stay for us on average 10 years or longer.