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Scrum Team as a Service – Increase your speed to innovate!

The power of agile programming lies in small, flexible and fast working teams. Developers working for large companies and on complex implementations have adopted their own approach to adjusting agile programming to the challenges that come with big business. “Scrum Team as a Service” is Euvic’s response.   There is enough potential to automate more […]

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Five business areas worth implementing AI

Companies are moving from experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to implementing it – shows recent report by IBM and Oxford Economics. CEOs surveyed by the researchers point to five areas where they expect AI to be the most beneficial to their businesses.   AI capabilities are becoming more and more mature, and enterprise adoption is becoming […]

IoT Azure open to public

Azure IoT Central is now available to the public. What to expect?

It enables Rolls-Royce to predict the exploration date of the aircraft components and to reduce the time their planes spend on the ground. It provides a precise weather forecast for Alaska, that affects both roads safety and the state budget. Internet of Things. You neither  need cloud solution development skill sets, nor resources, to start […]

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Euvic among Radar Sourcing 2018 experts

At the key IT sector event in Scandinavia – Radar Annual Event Sourcing in Stockholm – Euvic will show how, through optimization of IT services, it helped its client achieve spectacular business development.   The annual event, which this year will take place on 18th September in Stockholm, unites IT leaders and company managers as […]

How innovative IT services helped Arriva become more competitive

Euvic, by solving the critical problems of Arriva’s IT-services and improving the existing services, helped its client to leverage the new platform. And, as a result, to win more business.   What was the aim Arriva Sweden* was running its infrastructure from a co-location site in Denmark supporting over 3900 employees and providing services to […]

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