People Productions increased customer satisfaction, performance and lowered costs by moving to AWS

People Productions required a new IT-infrastructure to meet the growing business needs. The on premise solution was not scalable and reliable enough to meet their business goals. Therefore People Productions started looking at a new solution.   People Productions decided to migrate to AWS (Amazon Web Services) with the help of Euvic, an AWS partner, […]

5 points you should not overlook while outsourcing your service desk

Outsourcing may improve productivity and reduce costs. It might also backfire on your employee work experience which, in turn, may result in loss of customer satisfaction.   When you run a business the local level, not to mention the global one, you always experience complexity. Nowadays if you are a senior manager, you are expected […]

5 reasons why you need to digitize your Business Model immediately

  As the Internet increases its penetration across the world on a daily basis, the benefits of digitizing every aspect of your business only continue to grow. Automation and cloud computing is changing the way people do business, and if businesses do not adapt their models to this new reality, they will find it increasingly […]

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